Continental 27.5″ Ruban 65-584 taitettava ulkorengas


Continental 27.5″ Ruban 65-584 taitettava ulkorengas. Hyvin rullaava ja energiaa säästävä rengas työmatka-ajoon, harrastuksiin ja reissuille. Tubeless Ready, eli mahdollista asentaa ilman sisärengasta. Sopii myös sähköpyöriin.

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Continental 27.5″ Ruban 65-584 taitettava ulkorengas

Ruban on energiaa säästävä ja hyvin rullaava maastorengas, jolla ajat niin maaseudulla kuin kaupungissakin. Oiva rengasvalinta työmatkoille, harrastuksiin sekä viikonloppureissuille.

Renkaan keskiosassa kulkeva tasainen kuvion takaa hyvän rullaavuuden. Renkaan sivuilla olevat korkeat nappulat taas lisäävät pitoa. Rengas voidaan asentaa ilman sisärengasta litkuttamalla. Voidaan käyttää myös sähköpyörissä.







27.5 x 2.60


Black Skin Foldable


ShieldWall System


29 psi


44 psi


3 / 180 TPI


880 g

Tekniset ominaisuudet

PureGrip Compound

Based on activated silica compounds, this technology was originally intended as an performance level compound, but after intensive development at our Korbach Research and Development Department Facility, an advanced new compound with outstanding grip and cross-country properties was developed. This new rubber mix, given the self explanatory name “PureGrip”, is ranked just behind our BlackChili Compound and is being used in our performance products both in the road and mountain bike sectors. Whilst providing great grip, it is also long lasting and highly durable – both characteristics of Continental tires, which are exclusively manufactured in the factory in Hefei (Asia).

ShieldWall System

The ShieldWall system combines the optimum combination of high puncture protection and the low rolling resistance with low weight. This is made possible by an additional, all-round puncture protection layer, which consists of a finely woven cross fabric. This gives the tire a high resistance to punctures and damage. Despite its additional ply, the tire has a very good damping property and a high degree of flexibility to adapt perfectly to the ground. The revolutionary tubeless ready bead allows easy and uncomplicated mounting of the tire.

Tubeless Ready

Our carcass construction is robust and impervious against damage and penetration from foreign objects. The result: versatile, low weight and an attractive design. In addition, tires made using this technology can also be used as Tubeless or with an inner tube.

Suitable for E-Bikes

For our E-Bike tire we fall back on over 100 years‘ experience with moped and motorcycle tires. All of our city/trekking tires are rated to a standard speed of at least 25 km/h. With their high quality structure, puncture protection is high and the rolling resistance is low offering protection from premature wear brought about by the additional driving force.


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